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About Ultimate Ears

Founded in 1995 Ultimate Ears Pro created a new market for custom in-ear monitors which are now used by most of the world's top touring musicians.The first in-ear monitor was developed for Alex Van Halen by his monitor engineer to give him a way to protect his hearing while allowing him to perform better on stage. In 2008, UE Pro partnered with Logitech, a company as passionate about premium audio and connecting people through technology as we are about changing the way you hear music. We have since created over 100,000 sets of in-ear monitors in the last 20 years for musicians and music lovers.

For 20+ years our team is continuously challenging itself to innovate, improve quality, and advance delivery times.  As part of our continuous drive to be better, Ultimate Ears has combined artisan-handcrafted techniques with cutting-edge technology. We have embraced the advantages of digital processes to advance time to customers and deliver an acoustic experience that is second-to-none.


Each product is handcrafted, precision-tuned and custom tailored to fit the unique contours of the ear, isolating it from any external noise. This starts with a unique digital scan or physical impression of the ear.  Our experts modify the shape to improve comfort and fit for all of the key audio and electronic components where each detail is meticulously developed.


The custom ear shell is printed using the latest 3D printing techniques. We have been 3D printing since 2015 to ensure we are producing a better fitting, more accurate product.


We have a team of lab technicians that work on multiple details to ensure your product matches your specific fit and design. This includes experts on 3D software and custom in-ear manufacturing who have been making our products for more than 20 years, and also graphic artists who can reproduce your custom tailored design of choice.

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