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Custom In -Ear Monitor Demo Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to our in-ear monitor (IEM) demo program:

  1. A digitally signed contract will be in place between "In Ears Canada" and the "Customer " agreeing to the terms and conditions and will be legally binding between both parties.

  2. Based on the total retail value of  the models chosen to demo, a financial "hold" will be placed on the Customers credit card  (through Moneris Solutions) to cover the cost of the demo models should damage or failure to return occur.

  3. The Customer will receive the demo model(s) in a "return postage paid"  package. The Customer  will be assessed  a $50.00 fee to cover shipping and insurance. 

  4. The Customer will have 14 days (including delivery back to In Ears Canada) to assess the model(s). If the model(s) are not received by In Ears Canada within 14 days, it will be understood that the Customer has purchased the demo models and the  hold on the Customer's  credit card will  be converted to a charge.

  5. If, after the assessment period, the Customers chooses  not to purchase  any product from In Ears Canada, a release of  held funds will be returned to the Customer's credit card within 10 days of In Ears Canada receiving the demo model (s), and verifying the products are in good condition. 

  6. The demo model(s) will come with new tips to ensure cleanliness and will consist of various sizes to accommodate  individual ears sizes.

  7. Demo models will be supplied to the Customer as they become available. We have a limited number of demo models. Customers may have to wait until a specific model(s) gets returned, cleaned, inspected, tested for damage  and re-supplied with new tips before  receiving the demo model(s). 


  Please feel free to contact In Ears Canada if you require further information  about our IEM demo program.    

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